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eBay Seller Solution

Our solution takes the pain out of selling on ebay and assists you to run a slick and efficient ebay business. We allow you to quickly and easily schedule your ebay listings so you can list the correct products at the time that is likely to get you the best price.

All ebay messages are pulled into your DesigneBay dashboard so you don’t miss any and can answer them quickly and keep your customers happy.

Any ebay orders will be pulled into your DesigneBay Order Management System (OMS) alongside orders from Amazon, your own ecommerce website and any other channels you choose to sell on. Our reporting tools let you see exactly what is selling when, at what price and what the fees are. This is essential if you are to make ebay a profitable channel.

We can also help you with optimising your titles and descriptions with keywords, inventory creation, image resizing, competitor analysis and lots more to help your success on ebay and all other channels. Let us do all the hard work and you just sit back and reap the rewards!

Managed Services

Many businesses want to expand their online offering to include channels such as eBay and Amazon but don’t have the time or staff to move ahead. Perhaps you are a manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler that doesn’t have a direct to consumer presence right now but would like to cut out the middle man and sell direct without affecting your traditional business.

DesigneBay can set-up your online business and manage all the day-to-day operations to ensure it operates successfully. We can provide the technology, account management, strategy and marketing, fulfillment and customer service. You can pick and choose which services you require or use our complete end-to-end solution.

We have the technology and expertise that your business needs to be a success online.


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